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images  ST 140/150

Datasheet ST 140/150

Driver ST 140/150 (Service version)

In addition to the properties described in the above sections, the ST140/150 is distinguished by the following additional technical features: It has an integrated power supply (+/-20 VDC) and is temperature stabilized. The signal or measuring points necessary for manipulation are additionally accessible at the front. To harmonize driver and scanner, the outputs (13) set point value and (14) actual value are offered as scope connections. With the rotary switch (5) can be switched over from the external input signal to the integrated square wave generator, the amplitude level of which can be selected between 0 dB and -40 dB. Simultaneously a switch over to the DC trimmer (5) is possible due to the external position (8), allowing the user to additionally run through a small scan range in DC. This device permits a fast adjustment or checking of the driver-scanner unit throughout the complete working range. The fast and permanent control of the mirror position is made additionally visible via a row of LED's. The connection socket (15) permits a scanner to be connected at the front.