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images  ST 040/050

Datasheet ST 040/050

Driver ST 040/050 

These rack units have been developed as special drivers for the two feedback scanner types 040EF and 050EF. The system speed reaches the physical capacity limits of the scanner without compromises. The revolutionary new driver electronics with Big Jump Compensation 'BJC' permits a notable speed increase. The BJC regulation permits a speed increase of approx. 80% with small deviation angles and suppresses overshooting. By optimally matching the BJC driver electronics to the known fast LSK scanners a spot velocity is achieved which is unsurpassed in this quality.

Drivers are produced in Eurocard format and designed for a 19" system (3 HE). All drivers offer a sufficiently dimensioned heat sink, the capacity of which is fully sufficient under normal room temperatures.


Power Supply NT20 (only for Drivers ST040/050)